"Excavated soil & Construction waste: from Cradle to Cradle?"

Panorama of European experiences: symposium 23-24 of May 2013

The European Commission is assessing the application of the Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/CE. In 2013 the Flemish Construction Confederation assembled all sector stakeholders (project owners, construction, demolition and recycling companies, public authorities, universities etc.) in order to provide contributions to this assessment. The consequences of this directive on Member States national regulations were targeted in particular.

The application of the new waste management hierarchy or the end of waste status are good examples of these implications. due to the large pressure on raw materials and considering the important amount of waste generated by the construction industry, identifying best practices that could be implemented within other state members provides a good support.


The sector's initiative is to present a benchmark of the diverse waste management and valorization systems implemented in Member States. Furthermore, sharing and identifying best practices in order to communicate what are the main stakes and the political messages to the European Commission.

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